We help Real Estate Professionals

As a Real Estate Professional you know that you don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do.

Also you are wearing too many hats and you might not have enough time to do marketing.

This is where we will assist your agency in the creation of most of your marketing needs.

We create High Quality Property Videos. We create Property Landing pages. Personalized Facebook Videos that will blow away your clients. Also we create 3D Talking Spokespersons that can be embedded inside your website.

Personalized Facebook Videos are placed on your Facebook timeline. When your clients click on the video link, the software adds their name, last name and their geo location inside the video. Pretty amazing!!

So every client will get a different experience. For example: if a client lives in Lodi, the video will mention Lodi or any city the client is located in.

Please take a look at the videos on the right to see the potential CarlKuhl.com can bring to your marketing efforts.

There is a limited amount of Real Estate clients we can accept due to the amount of time spent on video production.

We offer the following package for Real Estate Agencies.

The creation of:

20 Property Videos  – Value $1,000 – $50 per video

20 Landing Pages with Video  – Value $2,000 – $100 per Landing Page

20 Personalized Facebook Videos  Value $2,000 per Video

A total of 60 items for less than $20 per item, which is a complete bargain.

Package Cost is $995 – Your Savings $4,005

High Quality Property Video sample

Facebook Personalized Video sample